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New Wealth Management Offer

New Wealth Management Offer

Service Fees & Charges

Items Equility Linked Notes Bonds Funds
Subscription Fee or commission Not exceed 0.6% Not exceed 0.6%
Subscription amount less than HK$250,000;Subscription Fee 1.2%
(Switching fee within the same Fund House 1.0%)
Subscription amount higher than HK$250,000;Subscription Fee 1.0%
(Switching fee within the same Fund House 0.8%)
Custody Fee - 0.05%
(Minimum charge HK$100 per month)
Dividend Collection Fee - 0.2%
(Minimum charge HK$50 per transaction)
Transfer Fee # - HK$400 per transaction HK$400 per transaction

#   Please note that transfer in/out request of bonds/ funds are limited to same name account only.

All information is subject to change without prior notice.

With regard to the definitions, the original and full version of terms and conditions of the wealth management products, please kindly refer to the product agreement. Please kindly review details of relevant product information and seek independent professional advice if necessary.

Investment of whatever kind involves risks. Investors should note that the value of investment may fall as well as rise, and past performance may not be indicative of any future performance. Therefore, investors must consider and evaluate in details the relevant risks associated with investment products, or seek independent professional advice on the basis of investment objectives and financial circumstances before coming into any investment decision, to ensure that the investment decision is suitable according to individual financial circumstances and risk tolerance level. Our company hereby expressly disclaims any legal liabilities (whether direct or indirect) in respect of the use of this information.