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Service Fees & Charges

Securities Trading Service (RMB)

Items Charges (%) Minimum Charges
Commission for Normal Trade 0.125 ¥55
Commission for Day Trade 0.0875 ¥55
Commission for Internet Trade 0.0675 ¥40
Handling Fee 0.00487 -
Securities Management Fee 0.002 -
Transfer Fee 0.004 -
Stamp Duty 0.1% of transaction amount on the seller -

Settlement-related Service (RMB)

Items Charges Minimum Charges Maximum Charges
CCASS Settlement Instruction (SI) ¥5 per board lot ¥50 per stock ¥400 per stock
(Above charges are applicable to withdrawal instruction only. It is free of charge for deposit instruction.)
CCASS Investor Settlement Instructions (ISI) No service
Physical Scrip No service

Account Maintenance (RMB)

Items Charges
Custody Fee Free
Dormant Account Fee Free

Nominee Services and Corporate Actions (RMB)

Items Charges Minimum Charges Maximum Charges
Scrip Fee ¥1.5 per board lot - -
Cash Dividend Collection Fee 0.2% of dividend collection ¥10 -
Scrip Dividend Collection Fee ¥10 per stock - -
Corporate Action Service Fee ¥2 per board lot ¥20 -
Excess Rights Shares ¥10 per transaction - -
Attending Annual General Meeting No service
Shareholder Voting (Nominee) Free
All information is subject to change without prior notice.