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Bank Deposit Account

HK Stocks / Global Stocks / Funds / Bonds ** Deposit Account (Chief Securities Limited):

HSBC (HKD) 400-273900-292
HSBC (Multi-Currency) 741-033393-838
Hang Seng Bank (HKD) 383-017175-668
Hang Seng Bank (Multi-Currency) 239-560576-883
Bank of China (HKD) 070-932-1-001950-0
Bank of China (Multi-Currency) 012-875-9-244782-6
Chong Hing Bank (HKD) 256-10-266611-2
Chong Hing Bank (HKD) - Stock Options 256-10-269014-6


Cut-offs *

HK Stocks / Funds / Bonds Account:
Before 5:00p.m. on each Trading Day

Global Stocks Account:
Before 3:00p.m. on each Trading Day

Futures Deposit Account (Chief Commodities Limited):

HKD account 600-638282-002
USD account 502-693450-201
RMB account 848-201349-209

Bank of China
HKD account 012-875-0-040383-4
USD account 012-875-0-801657-3
RMB account 012-875-0-602238-5


Cut-offs *

Futures Deposit Account:
Before 4:30p.m. on each Trading Day

Global Futures** Deposit Account (Chief Commodities Limited):

USD account 502-693450-201
EUR account 808-169734-275
JPY account 808-169734-278
GBP account 808-169734-276

Bank of China
USD/ EUR / JPY / GBP account 012-875-9-240576-1


Cut-offs *

Global Futures Account:
Before 4:30p.m. on each Trading Day

Stock Options Deposit Account (Chief Securities Limited):

Chong Hing Bank 256-10-2690146
HSBC 400-273900-292
Hang Seng Bank 383-017175-668
Bank of China 070-932-1-001950-0


Cut-offs *

Stock Options Account:
Before 4:00p.m. on each Trading Day

*   Cut-off hours is based on successful confirmation to Chief
**  Hong Kong Dollar deposit will be converted into relevant currencies with Chief Daily Exchange Rate △   Cut-off hours of all Non-Designated Bank Deposit is 3:45p.m. on each Trading Day

All information is subject to change without prior notice.